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Flow of Events by Mind Map: Flow of Events
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Flow of Events

Step Four

Submit Final Data Cards or Team Meeting Form to reflect all work of the team to T/TAC

Step Three: Receive additional $1500

Send a copy of all receipts organized in an expense report to Sherry Hussey at JMU. Sherry Hussey, T/TAC at JMU MSC 9002 800 South Main Street Harrisonburg, VA 22807

Step One: Division Teams send Action Plans to your local T/TAC

Action Plan Approved by Your Local T/TAC

VT: Pam, Teresa and DiannJMU: Sally, Teresa, and DianneGMU: Karen and KrisODU: Jennifer and KellyVCU:Sue, Linda and Joy

Not Approved goes back to Team

Step Two: Complete Packet of 3 Items to be sent to JMU

Complete W-9 Form This is completed by the person at your division who will receive the money from JMU

Complete Invoice -Written on School Division Letterhead -Name and Address where account will be managed and money is to be sent (this is the same person who filled out the W-9. -Breakdown of how the money will be spent ($1,000)

Complete and Approved Action Plan