vTM (Visual Template Manager) project

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vTM (Visual Template Manager) project by Mind Map: vTM (Visual Template Manager) project

1. idea &concept

1.1. a huge database contains these parts of template that can be joined together in the template editor

1.2. break templates into

1.2.1. layout classified according to web site concept layout uses designer view

1.2.2. color schemes classified according to back/front colors concept colors dark/light colors

1.2.3. images layout images color images show images header/footer etc.

1.2.4. css layout css padding,positioning added beauty

1.2.5. add on functions javascript menus

1.2.6. accessories flash

2. input

2.1. idea

2.2. php back end development

2.3. database development

2.3.1. database may be on the same server

2.3.2. database on designer server

2.3.3. database on free templates web sites

2.4. javascript and html front end

2.5. filling database with sample data

3. output

3.1. template editor

3.1.1. controls the import settings of the template

3.1.2. creates new layouts,color schemes,uploads images,create css

3.1.3. edits saved templates by drop or drop down lists

3.2. modules editor

3.2.1. create new modules

3.2.2. edit present ones

3.2.3. drag and drop modules on layout by javascript

3.3. VTM general template

3.3.1. acts as the default template for web site which imports template settings from database

3.3.2. there is folders for images and css if not included in database