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Halloween by Mind Map: Halloween

1. created hollow day

1.1. a day of all the saints

1.2. to remove pagan practices

1.3. November 1st

2. Salid

2.1. the day

2.1.1. season of dead met once a year

2.1.2. season of live

2.2. maleval spirits

2.2.1. walked and lived

3. FUN!

3.1. street full of monsters

3.2. Trick or Treat

4. jude priest

4.1. burned up fire

4.1.1. to confuse the spirits

5. In the VIII century

5.1. Gregory the third

6. a lot of irish

6.1. went to america

6.1.1. and make it poppular again changing the tradition but similar adding the lanterns

7. trick or treat

7.1. was born

7.1.1. poor kids asking for food


9. people

9.1. spend millions

9.1.1. dollars