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The Northern Renaissance by Mind Map: The Northern Renaissance
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The Northern Renaissance

Artistic Ideas Spread

They got new techniques into Northern European states.

German Painters

Flemish Painters

The Northern Renaissance Begins

As Renaissance ideas spread out of Italy, they mingled with northern traditions.

Italy was divided into city-states where as England and France were unified under strong monarchs.

The weath increased in other parts of northern Europe.

The population of norther Europe, which was down because of the bubonic plague, was now steadily beginning to increase.

Northern Writers Try to Reform Society

Italian humanists were very interested in reviving the classical languages and classical texts.

Christian Humanists

Women's Reforms

The Elizabethan Age

This was named after Queen Elizabeth I.

William Shakespeare

Printing Spreads Renaissance Ideas

The Chinese invented block printing, in which a printer carved words or letters on a wooden block, inked the block, and used it to print on paper.

Gutenberg Improves the Printing Process.

The Legacy of the Renaissance

Changes in the Arts

Changes in Society