Perfect world

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Perfect world by Mind Map: Perfect world

1. Wealth of the people beyond money

1.1. Eradication of povery

1.1.1. Food security

1.1.2. Decrease in birth rate

1.2. Culture of Healthy living

1.2.1. Prevention culture rather than treatment Eat natural food and less meat

1.3. Education

1.3.1. Environmental awareness

1.3.2. Participation in public life

1.3.3. recycling seen as a resource and as a way of saving money

1.4. Living in harmony with the environment

2. Politics able to respond to changes in the world

2.1. Justice recognises ecological crimes

2.2. Taxation on products takes into account their impact of the environment

2.3. Cities and Companies compelled to compensate their carbon footprint

2.4. Lower crime rte

2.5. Work for the people

3. Natural foods and less meat

3.1. Agriculture used for feeding humans rather than animals subsequently eaten by humans

3.1.1. Increase in water supplies

3.1.2. More food for everyone

3.2. Stop abusing fertilisers and GE food

3.3. Stop exploitation of excessive breeding and livestocks

3.3.1. Reduce significantly greenhouse gas emission (livestock accounts for 18%)

3.3.2. Reduce soil erosion and sedimentation

3.3.3. Reduce meat consumption is healthy for humans

3.3.4. Less cruelty due towards animals due to achieve economies of scale in livestocks

3.4. Food locally produced rather than transported from opposite side of the woeld

4. Wealth of economies/nations measured through real metrics

4.1. Abandon GDP (or inclusion in it of real metrics)

4.1.1. Investments in healtcare and prevention

4.1.2. Human development index

4.1.3. Life expectancy

4.1.4. Investments in education

4.1.5. Justice Punishments for those who undermine common living conditions and spaces (ex. pollution and dumping as ecocrimes)

4.1.6. recycling rate

5. Healthy nature

5.1. Limited pollution

5.1.1. World run on renewable energies

5.1.2. Technology used to improve the impact of current productive and consumption methods

5.1.3. People are accountable for their actions and consumptions Use of surplus price on products that takes into consideration impact

5.2. Biodiversity conservation

5.2.1. Ecosystem preservation

5.2.2. Abandon genetically engineered foods

5.2.3. Less hunting and fish every year

5.3. Stop climate change

5.3.1. Efficient transportation ways

5.4. Humans give back to nature spaces occupied for less useful agriculture (ex. corn to feed a huge quantity of cattle, tropical deforestation for palm oil production, etc)

6. Peace

6.1. Creates conditions for organic growth in the world

6.1.1. Less poverty

6.1.2. Reduces epidemics

6.1.3. Reduces famines

6.1.4. Stable and long term policies

7. Companies transform from for profit to social entreprises

7.1. Actively support people and customers

7.2. Actively support environment

8. Water management

8.1. Clean seas and rivers

8.2. Unpolluted aquifer

8.3. Local water management and saving plans

8.3.1. Reverse osmosis