The Inca

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The Inca by Mind Map: The Inca

1. if you had part of a land then 2/3 of their land

2. made out of a temple

2.1. emperor family on top, royal family below,nobles below, farmers all the way in the bottom.

3. Pachacuti

4. Tupa Inca

5. Huayna Capac

6. The incas always had great ideas like they knew what they could use to build it .

7. the Inca would build bridges

7.1. the Incas put bridges on mountains

7.1.1. A inspector would check the bridges

7.2. the Incas put a bridge over rivers

8. laws

8.1. The land belongs to the inca rulers

8.1.1. They used it for the government and inca temples

8.2. the inca could never slack off because they would be hung and they would have to be pushed off a cliff

9. killed local leaders

9.1. If they had kids they had to work for the person

10. Coast of South America: Peru, Chile, Bolivia, Ecuador, Argentina

11. New words:

11.1. Qechua

11.2. Noble

12. Questions we have:

12.1. How many years did the Inca tribe lived?

12.2. what happens if the ruler does not have a son?

12.3. where does Qechua come from

12.4. did the messangers get paid ?

12.5. what is the purpose for the statues they made

13. Huge Empire

13.1. Where?

13.1.1. 2,500 miles long

13.1.2. Cuzco (capital city)

13.1.3. Mountains: Andes

13.2. 12 million people

14. llamas

14.1. it helped the Inca climb up mountains

14.1.1. This makes me think the Inca could travel a lot further.

14.2. carry supplies (but not people) of up to 80 pounds

14.3. they made clothes from

14.4. meat

14.5. dung for guel

15. Beliefs

15.1. The sun was important to the Incas

15.1.1. light, heat, survival

15.1.2. crops growth

15.1.3. They believed that their ruler was the son of the sun.

15.2. The inca believed the gold was the sweat of the sun and silver is the tears of the moon

15.3. they thought that gold was sweat to the sun and silver was tars for the moon

16. Rulers

16.1. the rulers expanded their land fighting with other tribes

16.2. had bodyguards

17. culture

17.1. They spread their language around the land that they owned.

18. Incas expantion

18.1. Not only threw war

18.2. They expanded and ruled by instilling fear

18.3. By being organized

19. being lazy

19.1. punishments:threw stones at you and threw you of a cliff or hanging

19.2. If a messanger was not in his station he will get punished

20. Jobs

20.1. mining,farming,war,women toke care of man

20.1.1. was for the government

20.2. there was another job called messangers that they waited in there station then they ran to the other messanger but before they get there they blow the shell then the other one ran to get the message and at last thay went to give the message.

20.3. architecture

21. wars/military

21.1. What happens if the kids don't listen

22. Inca society

22.1. Nobles

22.1.1. wore colorful clothes

22.1.2. kind of like managers

22.1.3. did not pay mita-taxes

22.1.4. nobles wore ear lobe

23. Farmers

23.1. worked hard

23.2. they had a canal that led it to the terraces

23.3. they dealt with frost and drought

24. War/Military

24.1. had their own store houses throughout their land to keep weapons and food that they would need.

24.2. Made up of.... farmers (part-time), bodyguards (full-time) and relatives of the rulers (made the big decisions, leaders)

25. building

25.1. they also built roads

25.1.1. officials traveled on these roads

25.1.2. thousands of miles

25.1.3. messengers run on the road the messengers would run to a station the runners would tell each other a messege and the second runner would run

25.2. The Inca were amazing at building.

25.3. they used bronze chivel

25.4. no walls fell down that is how good they are at building

25.5. Inca canals led to the terraces

26. Inca contrustion

26.1. they made a canal that led them to the terraces

26.2. they made statues

26.3. they did not have that many farmland in the Andis mountains so they had to cut off some of the land and they had to make terraces

27. enviorment struggles

27.1. they had bad soil and they had to deal with droughts

28. thoughts we had

28.1. we thought that they probably expanded because they had to take so much land for the crops they took from the villagers

28.2. the inca were smart and creative

29. inventions

29.1. they made a system for the messangers

29.2. they invented terraces for farmland

29.3. they invented another system that if there was an emergency they were to light a fire near a mountain and everyone would know if someone was invading

29.4. they invented a gold rattle snake

30. WEapons

30.1. spear

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