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Public Transportation by Mind Map: Public Transportation
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Public Transportation


Fuel Cells

Better Engines

Carbon fibre chassis


Display env. emission results after each ride


Serve beverages/food

Offer hibernation while travelling

First/economy class buses with different levels of comfort and price

Entertainment displays

Different climate zones

Adjustable noise cancellation

Individual air refresheners/air conditioners

Leather seats

Transportation combos

Bike/Segway integration (bike holder)

Car-bus chaining

Car sharing services

Synchronize with airplanes/trains/...


Lower taxes as a reward for using public transportation

Free (ad-supported) transportation

RFID ticketing

Driver-less buses

Individual bus prices based on usage profile (post-paid)

Internet Integration

Internet access in buses

personal calendars/PIMs available


Order taxis online (Google-like)


Vibration notices in seats

Itenerary assistance for elderly people

Pictorial displays

Route availability on the outside

Auditory/visual assistances

Automatic doors

Handicapped people can pre-announce themselves to the bus at a station, so that the bus is already prepared when arriving

Dynamic traffic signals and markings

Synchronizing Bus schedules to people

MIT software for optimal routing

Integrate passenger data from stations into predictions

GPS tracking

See buses on a map on your mobile phone

Announce space left in arriving buses

Routing advisors on stations/inside buses

Individual bus stops (beacons)