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LEGroup1 WIKI by Mind Map: LEGroup1 WIKI

1. Completion of overall check of wiki, done by IT support and the whole group (for example, ensure for putting together different sources of information and the structure and format is perfect)

2. Project Roles

2.1. Project Manager

2.2. Content developers

2.2.1. ALL

2.3. Editors (proofread and Harvard Style)

2.3.1. ALL

2.4. IT / Graphic Design

2.5. Social Campaign Developers

2.5.1. ALL

3. Project Information


3.1.1. 1- Definitions of Organisational Learning

3.1.2. 2-Methods of Organisational Learning

3.1.3. 3- Elements of Organisational Learning

3.1.4. 4- Effects /Purpose of Organisational Learning

3.1.5. 5- Learning Organisation

3.1.6. 6. Examples of Organisational Learning


4. Timeline

4.1. Schedule

4.1.1. Project Start Project specifications http://legroup1.wikispaces.com/ Requirements Research, identify, and share with the team all resources, theories, models, theorist, etc (articles, analysis, researches, books, etc, from acredited resoures, not blogs, or slideshare. net, etc) that relate to the selected subject (organizational learning) that you come aross .This way, our team will work toward common references which also help enrich team combined knowledge. Style Action points sign-off BACK UP

4.1.2. Define Project Schedule BY the 3rd of December Create a WIKI: Done! Define a Topic: Organisational Learning Explore the WIKI functionality. Dec 4th- Dec 7th Each one post one subtopic After Skype call Dec 7th- Dec 11th Completion of subtopic Working on Wiki Dec 12th: Completion of one-page summary Dec 13th Skype call: Communication Update BEFORE 14th DEC: COMPLETE ALL WORK ON WIKI MAKE YOUR WIKI PUBLIC AFTER THE 14th DEC Task to be completed by 14th December 2013 and Peer review proces to be completed and submitted by 21st december 2013 Submission of the peer review is until 21 December 2013 23:55 UK time in the

4.1.3. SKYPE MEETINGS Saturday 9th of November Deciding on topic and on roles Saturday the 7th of December @ 13:30UK AGENDA 1. The Structure about organizational learning(OL): just about which subtopics to be chosen 2. the working allocation: who pick up which subtopic 3. the other works: editing, summarizing, IT support Friday 13th December @14:00 UK Team discussion for final review of wiki Communication update Before the 14th Dec: COMPLETE ALL WORK ON WIKI

4.2. Resources

4.2.1. http://legroup1.wikispaces.com/

5. Limitations

5.1. Delivery Timeline



5.2.1. One-page summary for each team - CONFIRMED BY DIANA

5.3. MOPM Exam for most members on the 4th of December

5.4. AFM (accounting for managers) Exam for some members on the 14th of December

5.5. Extra time allocated to allow external collaborations through friends, relatives, community (Facebook, Google +, tweeter, etc

6. Work Allocation

6.1. Meseret Degu <[email protected]>

6.2. Jie Zhang <[email protected]>

6.3. Louai Khojali <[email protected]>

6.4. Joseph Higginbotham [email protected]

6.5. Nathan Johns [email protected]

6.6. Karen Tardieu [email protected]

6.7. Kristy Cao Hong Zhi [email protected]

6.8. Fei Liu [email protected]

6.9. Ngonidzashe Sanangura [email protected]

6.10. Ha Bui [email protected]

6.11. Nati Lopez [email protected]