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craigslist outsourcing by Mind Map: craigslist outsourcing
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craigslist outsourcing

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Pick a US City, Choose Computer Under Gigs, Search Listings, Can be done remotely?, Needs Web Design or Development Work?, Needs Wordpress Site?, New Installation?, Send Wordpress 1 E-Mail, Update Existing?, Send Wordpress 2 E-Mail, Doesn't Mention, Send Wordpress 3 E-Mail, Needs PSD to HTML / CSS Work?, Send PSD to HTML E-Mail, Needs E-Commerce Work?, New Installation?, Send E-Commerce 1 E-Mail, Update Existing?, Send E-Commerce 2 E-Mail, Needs PHP / MySQL Work?, Send PHP / MySQL E-Mail, Needs E-Mail Newsletter Work?, Send Newsletter E-Mail, Doesn't Mention Specifics?, Send No Specifics E-Mail, Needs Marketing?, Needs SEO Work?, Send SEO E-Mail, Needs Social Media Work?, Send Social Media E-Mail, Needs Pay Per Click Work?, Send Pay Per Click E-Mail, Needs Graphic Design Work, Needs Print Work?, Send Print Work E-Mail, Needs Logo Design?, Send Logo Design E-Mail, Needs Stationary Design?, Send Stationary Design E-Mail, Needs Flyer Design?, Send Flyer Design E-Mail, Needs Brochure Design?, Send Brochure Design E-Mail, Needs Catalog Design?, Send Catalog Design E-Mail, Requires physical presence?, Go Back