European Nations Settle North America

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European Nations Settle North America by Mind Map: European Nations Settle North America

1. Competing Clains in North America

1.1. Magellan's voyage showed that ships could in fact reach Asia.

1.1.1. By using the Pacific Ocean.

1.2. Early French explorers sailed west with the dreams of reching the East Indies.

1.2.1. Giovanni da Verrazzano did so.

1.3. The New France was discovered.

1.4. Unlike the English, the French were less interested in occupying territories than they were making money off the land.

2. Native Americans Respond

2.1. a strained relationship

2.1.1. french and dutch settlers developed a mostly cooperative relationship with the native americans

2.2. settlers and native americans battle

2.2.1. the hostility between the english settlers and native americans led to warfare

2.3. natives fall to disease

2.3.1. more destructive than the europeans weapons were their diseases like the spanish in central and south america the europeans who settled north america brought with them several diseases

3. The English Arrive in North America

3.1. the colonist claimed the lands as theirs they named the land after their king jamestown

3.2. the settlement at jamestown

3.2.1. the settlers were more interested in finding gold than planting crops. during the first few years seven out of ten people died. jamestown became the first permanent english settlement in the new land

3.3. puritans create a new england

3.3.1. puritans wanted to build a model community that would set an example for other christians to follow New node

4. The Struggle for North America

4.1. The English Oust the Dutch.

4.1.1. In 1664, the English king, Charles II, granted his brother the Duke of York, permission to drive out the dutch. When they arrived, the Dutch surrendered. A single shot wasn't even fired.

4.1.2. Since the Dutch were now gone, in 1750 about 1.2 million English settlers lived in the 13 colonies. Spanned from Maine to Georgia.

4.2. England Battles France.

4.2.1. The English sson became hungry for more land for their colonial population. By pushing forward they collided with France's North American holdings.

4.2.2. As France and England began to interfere with eachother, there was a fight beginning to brew. In 1754 a dispute over land claims in the Ohio Valley led to a war between the British and French. It was on the North American Continent. Was known better as the French and Indian war. The British colonists, with the help of the British Army, defeated the French in 1763.