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To-Do Checklist Template by Mind Map: To-Do Checklist  Template
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To-Do Checklist Template

How to use: 1. All tasks start in "incoming" branch. Color code them according to the color scheme in "big picture." 2. Move tasks from "incoming" to "today" to focus on today's tasks. This can be done at the end of the day or early in the morning. 3. Move tasks that take long to complete to "doing" branch. 4. If you're waiting on deliverables from others, move task to "waiting on" branch. 5. When done, move to "done" branch. These can be further grouped by month/year/category.


Task 3 (home)

Task 2 (project)

Task 3 (work)


Task 1 (home)

Task 1 (project)


For tasks that take longer than a day.

Task 1 (work)

Waiting On

Task 2 (work)


Task 2 (home)

Big Picture

This is the color legend of the mind map.