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Platform API update by Mind Map: Platform API update
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Platform API update


millions of connections => billions of events

problem: finding the event that matters to the business


Jetty -> Kafka -> Storm

use cases

stream of events coming from vehicles, machines &c

processed & displayed in SFDC apps

expected scale is huge

Enterprise scale

API types

SOAP, same backend as REST


bulk, 45M rec/hour, 5K batches limit

stream, feed of events - new results of a SOQL query, 1 sec latency, 1M events limit, for UE

API usage - getting near 2K BB records / month

Generic streaming (pilot)

enable developers to stream anything

Flexible limits

Monitor resource utilization, & relaxing limits if possible

pilot (request enablement)

API capacity allocation

allocate percentage of API quota to each connected app



Alex Toussaint, Sr Dir Plaform