Salesforce Identity

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Salesforce Identity by Mind Map: Salesforce Identity

1. salesforce & identity

1.1. apps on the platform already consuming identity services from the sfdc platform

1.2. including customers & partners

1.2.1. extended enterprise users

1.3. now the identity services is provided to any app

1.3.1. user directory

1.3.2. directory integration integrate with external directory, eg, active directory, to sync users behind the scenes Salesforce identity connect

1.3.3. SSO

1.3.4. mobile identity

1.3.5. external identities

1.3.6. ...

1.4. customization

1.4.1. add custom fields to users

1.4.2. validation

1.4.3. workflows

1.4.4. login page

1.5. can use other identity providers to sign-in into salesforce

1.5.1. Google, Facebook &c creates a user in sfdc this allows your customers to login to the system they will update their Contact entity fields can get access to assigned apps e.g. in a portal

1.5.2. & active directory via Identity Connect

1.6. App Launcher

1.6.1. SSO into 3rd-party connected apps

1.6.2. authorized by admin directly or thru group permission sets configure security options e.g., require 2fa, session expiry

1.6.3. works also on mobile using their canvas

1.6.4. on deprovisioning or freezing a user, immediately denied access & kicked out of running apps freezing useful eg when a device was stolen

1.6.5. user can request access to app goes thru approval workflow

2. Identity & Access management

2.1. right info to the right persons to achieve the business goal

2.2. In the past

2.2.1. on-premise perimeter

2.2.2. direct connection of ppl to systems

2.3. today

2.3.1. no perimeter

2.3.2. apps are accessible from anywhere

2.3.3. more connects parts customers partners

2.3.4. only thing that is still left: identity

3. Identity

3.1. User entity in DB

3.2. & relation to other entities

3.3. & business processes

4. about

4.1. @cmort

4.2. Chuck Mortimore, VP product identity