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Do by Mind Map: Do

1. Movers book by Chris Anderson

1.1. Gary as advisor for publishing

1.2. Mass produced paper books

1.3. Copywrite team

2. Products

2.1. No brainers

2.2. Collaboration models

2.3. Long term

3. People

3.1. General Advisors

3.1.1. Crunch down list from Poles of Tent doc

3.2. Shareholder Partners

3.3. Key First Employees + Budget

4. Biz Strategy

4.1. good Causes + Foundation

4.2. competitions like TEDx

4.3. Crunch down all my research on this in paper docs and evernote

5. Vid Production

5.1. Nathan - India

6. Old map

6.1. Massage payments


6.2. Fitbit

6.3. Heating Vid


6.4. Travel Logic

6.4.1. £359.25, which you can get pretty much any week day between 10th January and end of March (avoiding holidays).

6.4.2. Economy Class 2 Pc / 23Kgs.Each The sum of the 3 dimensions (length + breadth + height) must not exceed 62 inches or 158 centimeters for each piece The maximum weight permissible for a single piece of baggage is 23 kgs or 51 pounds. Excess Baggage Charges (Per piece) More than 23 kgs up to 30 kgs (51-66 lbs) – GBP 35 per piece * Baggage weighing more than 30 kgs ( single piece ) will not be accepted as checked baggage.

6.4.3. who: Thomsons, , STA, Southall Travel can be good But I normally check lots of websites to find the best deal Sometimes Air India gives double baggage allowance

6.4.4. Weigh electronics

6.4.5. Darren found 432 return on Skyscanner - Turkish Airlines stood out

6.5. Luggage and date logic

6.5.1. August 4th is 90 days - Jan 31st is 90 days from November 2nd

6.5.2. Driver's license - Theory test - time - then Blackbool - budget - where to stay

6.5.3. Visit Singapore to do massages Bank for SIngapore

6.6. General

6.6.1. Net presence Facebook page Auxillary Website How to find developers?

6.6.2. Twitter! !1

6.6.3. Sort Evernote Sharpening the Sword and Ferris Guidance

6.6.4. MNBA

6.7. Timeline

6.7.1. Core 2 Perfecting Filming Perfecting Scripts Music Perfecting Acting Filming Props Finding Shmonkey Find out who I best inhabit. - See if I can do both - Do youtube video talking to people about this problem - see who applies Mastering Puppetry

6.7.2. Core 3 Kickstarter/Indegogo How? Yatan consultant contact guy at defjam records + iam Product Logic Pluhses Clothes

6.8. equipment

6.8.1. Microphone Speak to Bournemouth Animation about Microhones

6.8.2. Lights

6.9. Trademark

6.9.1. 3 to - 200 pounds for 1 class of products (1-34) then 50 pounds for other classes - Madrid Protocal - can do international - need form MM2 for the international

6.9.2. - contact details - email sent to Richard - guy I spoke to on the phone

6.9.3. Easy enough to get puppet copywrighted yourself - see Be aware that a copywright in one country does not apply to other countries and that a small change in design could circumvent your copywright. If copywrite is for more than design (ie first to make puppet based on Hindu religion) then you will need a lawyer. Copywright will look good but very expensive and hard to uphold if it comes to legal battle (and big companies know that). Dear Nathan, Thank you for your email. You can protect your trade mark in other countries by using the Madrid Protocol via the World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO). By using this system you can apply to a number of countries by making just one application, in English, and paying just one fee. So this system is cheaper and easier to use than applying separately to each country. An International application made through the UK office must be based on a UK trade mark application or registration. You can apply for the International mark at the same time as you make your UK application, or later if you wish. If you apply for your International Trade Mark within 6 months of applying for your UK application, you can keep the same filing date as your UK Trade Mark. This means that your later application is treated as if you applied on the same date as in the UK. In order to apply for an International Trade Mark you will need to send in the International Application Form (MM2), along with a Fee Sheet. When you first submit your application to us, you will only pay a fee of £40. We will then send your application to the International Office, who will request the full payment in Swiss Francs. To find out how much your International Trade Mark will be you can use the fee calculator. For more information on how to apply, please read our booklet How to apply for an International Trade Mark. I hope this helps you with your enquiry; if we can be of any further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us. Yours sincerely Richard Hayes IP Advisor

6.9.4. !1

6.9.5. why product based startups fail 1) Time taken in developing product usually overshoots the deadline, this is very critical in start-ups where every single paisa saved is revenue 2) Product undergoes too many changes of adaptability consumes too much of time and money 3) Start-ups spend too much to ensure development of product; they forget completely when they need to stop doing R&D. 4) Especially technology based product start-ups should also understand no matter how good the technology and product are if it cannot be sold then it’s like a bomb that never went off. 5) All factors of scalability, viability, accountability needs to be looked in for any product based start-ups 6) All the revenues are dependent on one product which itself is big risk, as time, money spent on the product is also the investment which needs to bring returns 7) Just designing unique product will not ensure success, the product should also be user friendly, people should understand the purpose its delivering to them 8) When product is conceived clarity in terms of revenue also should be thought when designing product When product is successful its returns are very steep high, but if product is not successful lot of start-ups get winded up and shut.

7. Prioritized timeline

8. Organization

8.1. Company HQ

8.1.1. Legal trademark budget Short term Long term

8.1.2. Accounting

8.1.3. Company USA Ditto below

8.1.4. Company UK Belle and Boo Model Someone hustling Production/Manufacturing models

9. Wiki Tree

9.1. Home page

9.1.1. Creative Engine Space

9.1.2. About Us page

9.1.3. Character Pages Bodi Guru Foxy

9.1.4. What need we meet

9.1.5. Why we need you

9.2. E-Commerce Site

9.2.1. Shopify