Fresh Water

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Fresh Water by Mind Map: Fresh Water

1. Benefits

1.1. irrigation

1.2. thermoelectric

1.3. public supply

2. Timeline

2.1. Waters uses have not really been changed throughout the years

2.2. More reseanlty water has been used as a source of energy and as a fuel for cars

3. Location

3.1. Fresh water is found in rivers, lakes, streams, ground water, and springs.

3.2. Fresh water can also be produced by humans by purifying it

4. Challenges

4.1. when people water their lawns and the water runs off onto the sidewalk

4.2. Taking really long showers

4.3. Using excess water for your appliances

4.4. Washing your car on the sidewalk

5. Long Term outlook

5.1. Increase the knowledge of management alternatives

5.2. promoting government control of water sources to keep it clean

5.3. incorporate freshwater values with development descisions