School Bullying

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School Bullying by Mind Map: School Bullying

1. All eight Bloomingdale schools have a plan to stop bullying..

1.1. All student which belongs to expect respect clubs were wearing the "Expect Respect" tshirt which is a sign of stopping bullying..

1.2. Ms.Bradshaw helped write a report about the Anti-Bullying Program..

2. Stratford and many other schools now take bullying very seriously..

2.1. Many school across Illinois are trying to stop bullying..

2.2. There are school programs which helps point out problems at school..

3. One kid has been bullied at school..

3.1. Ronan the bullied kid was the star of a music video at their school..

3.2. Ronan and his schoolmates will reward the people who will help stopping bullying at school..

4. More than 20% of children are involved in bullying..

4.1. When bullying became linked to violence parents got involved..

4.2. 49 states say that school should have Anti-Bullying Program..