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Women's Rights by Mind Map: Women's Rights

1. Islamic Religion

1.1. Women Can't Drive Cars

1.2. Women cannot get abortions

1.3. They must wear certain clothes(burkah)

1.4. Women are abused

1.5. 14 year old boy has power rights than an older woman

2. Saudi Arabia

2.1. Arranged Marriages

2.2. Need male escorts

2.3. Can't vote

2.4. Can't work outside the house

2.5. Can't drive

3. China

3.1. One Child Policy

3.2. Can't get jobs

3.3. Being abused

3.4. Female children don't have equal rights

4. Ukraine

4.1. Limited Career Opportunities

4.2. Can't find many jobs

4.3. Lower Salaries