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jumpjam @ riverdaleschool by Mind Map: jumpjam @ riverdaleschool

1. physical.

1.1. it keeps you fit and healthy

1.2. It is fun.

2. spirutal

3. emotinial

3.1. Having fun while doing aerobics and jump jam

4. social

4.1. spend time out of the classroom and with friends from different classes. While having fun.

5. Brett Fairwether

5.1. Brett created it to encourage people to get fit.

6. to encourage

7. What we know

8. New node

9. research on the internet

10. letter to mrs walker

10.1. how she felt teaching it

11. how many schools take part in jump jam.

12. why do we do jump jam!

12.1. surveys from these questions

13. surveys from these questions and research on the internet and ask different people.

14. we dont know were it was created.

15. what we want to know

16. survey from squad

17. mrs peck opinion email

18. what is jump jam

19. who are the most professional jump jam teams?

20. who created jump jam