Melody from Out of My Mind

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Melody from Out of My Mind by Mind Map: Melody  from Out of My Mind

1. Melody lost her gold fish but really she wanted to save him

2. there was a discushion between Mrs. Billips and Melody's mom because she could't believe that Mrs. Billips only teach's little kid stuff

3. Mrs. Billips treats Melody like a baby and like she does not know anything and mrs.v knows that melody can learn and melody has the chance to learn and every child has the chance to learn and every child is special.

4. goes to the doctors a lot

5. really smart - photographic memory

6. 5 years old - went to the doctor and took tests to see how "smart" she is. The doctor told her family that she is "profoundly retarded". Dr. Hugely didn't see or understand that Melody is REALLY smart. Mom tried to defend her and explain to the doctor that Melody was smart. The doctor suggested that they send Melody away to a home and abandon her.

7. knows words and melodies to lots of songs

8. She has cerebral palsey

9. She understands what people are saying around her, even though people think she doesn't understand.

10. Melody's Mom

10.1. She yells at Dr. Hugely when he suggests that they abandon Melody.

10.2. You're not so intelligent sir, you're just lucky. All of us who have our faculties in tact are just plain blessed. Melody is able to figure out things, communicate, and manage in a world where nothing works right for her. She is the one with the true intelligence. - page 26 (Mom says to Dr. Hugely)

10.3. Mom is advocating for her Melody.

11. Goes to Spalding Street Elementary

11.1. takes a special bus to school with wheelchair lift.

11.2. Is in a special class for kids with disabilities.

11.3. Every year, is in the same class and has to the same things. (Build a snowman for the holidays).

11.4. .0-

12. She feels like she gets treated like she is invisible.

12.1. she feel like she is jealous about rose and she does not have access to the universe at her fingertips

12.2. she wants a better laptop than rose has

13. She hates the word retarded

14. "There is nobody else like me. Its like I live in a cage with no door and no key and I have no way to tell someone how to get me out. " page 38

15. Chapter 5: Melody is talking about her class mates actions in class.Melody is a different person that nobody could understand her cause she can not talk and no one is like her, also she can not move.

16. Mrs. Violet

16.1. she is generous because when she babysat for melody she didn't want to be paid to much.

16.2. she understands that all children are special and can learn.

16.3. mrs. v says to melody mom that she has special powers

16.4. mrs.v used to be a nurse and understands melody

16.5. mrs.s belive in melody that she could roll over

16.5.1. mrs.v thinks that all children are special and all children can learn.

16.6. mrs.v is showing melody how to crawl and to catch herself and to roll over

16.7. mrs.v said to melody what you rather learn how to walk or speak and melody put her hand on the word speak

16.8. mrs v was showing how to speak [little words and big words]

17. Chapter 7

17.1. Mrs. Tracy is another person that want's to help Melody.

17.2. Mrs.Billips always puts children music on but Melody hates it and she teaches the alphabet when Melody and her classmates are in 3rd Grade

17.3. Mrs. Billips thinks that Melody can't do anything since Melody has a disability.

18. chapter 8

18.1. her mom think that she made the mess and melody was sad because she can't talk the dog was a dog reachver and she felt calm when she saw the dog

18.2. she got a new pet that was a puppy and felt better and her mom and dad let her keep the puppy and she named him butterscotch

19. Chapter 9

19.1. Melody's mom is having a baby!, but mom and Melody are worried that the baby will have problems,also Melody is worried that mom and dad will love the baby more.But mom was wrong Penny the baby was born normal and healthy (it's a girl). Melody thinks it be easier if they only had 1 child.After the baby was born Melody was feeling a little guilty,jealous,sadness,and angry.

19.2. Melody's mom blame her self for not bringing Melody normal and healthy to life.

19.3. Now that Penny was born Melody didn't got to sit on her dad's lap.Melody and Penny have a nice relationship.Mom and dad had an argument about Melody's shirt,the grocery and the baby.

20. Chapter 15

21. Katherine

22. Katherine

23. Chapter 14

23.1. her family is patient and ms v is also and Katherine

23.2. her classmate is always being humorous

23.3. melody is going to write her report on Stephan Hawking.t

24. Chapter 17

24.1. Her class is geting ready for the wiz kids competition .

24.2. Mr.D thinks that Melody is to dumb to be in the wiz kids competition

24.3. Melody was the only one who got all the answers right and everyone was so suprised

24.4. Melody was upset and she felt like she whanted to crying

25. Chapter 26

25.1. Molly is saying comments that is making more challenges. For Melody

25.1.1. Melody can't go up the stairs because she can't walk

26. Chapter 26

26.1. Molly is saying comments that is making challenges. For Melody

26.1.1. she cant go up the stairs because she cant walk. There in the restrunant she isn't able to do things the other children could do : Melody cant eat because she cant pick up a fork she's felling left out : No one is talking to Melody and she's putting a happy face on and acting like she was enjoying the food .