Sekaran Chapter 8: Data Collection Methods

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Sekaran Chapter 8: Data Collection Methods by Mind Map: Sekaran Chapter 8: Data Collection Methods

1. Questionnaire

1.1. Types

1.1.1. Personally Admitted Questionnaire

1.1.2. Mail Questionnaire

1.2. Guidelines for Questionnaire Design

1.2.1. Principles of Wording Content and Purpose of questions Language and Wording Type and Form of Questions Open-ended or closed Positively and Negatively Worded Length of Questions Double-barreled Questions Ambiguous Questions Recall-dependent Questions Leading Questions Loaded Questions Social Desirability Sequencing of Questions Funnel Approach Don't place two questions that ask nearly the same directly after one another Classification Data

1.2.2. Principles of Measurement Look for validity and reliability General Appearance (Getup) Good Introduction Organizing Questions, giving Instructions and Guidance and Good Alignment Personal Data Sensitive Personal Data Open-ended question at the end Pretest the Questionnaire CAPPA makes electronic questionnaires totally easy and fuuuuun Data should be recorded from different sources to minimize bias