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Communications systems


Communication / Navigation Satellite System (GNSS)

Electronics for satellite design

Mechanisms to enhance the security of embedded

Micro electronic mechanical systems (MEMS)

Modeling and verification

Optimizing the reliability of embedded systems

Radio-acoustic virtual environment

Reliability and integration

Tolerance to radiation

Verification and validation (lower IT faults)

Wireless communication (RF, microwave)

Wireless Sensor Network

Specialised materials science



Smart materials

Hydro rheological fluid

Magnetorheological fluids


Shape memory alloys

Service behavior

 Fatigue Analysis



Residual stresses

Seams and joints


Metallic, non-metallic & exotic material forming

Hot spinning


Process simulation (FEM, cellular automata, self-consistent models)

Material transformation processes

Additive Manufacturing


Contour hardening

Generation of machining lines / manufacturing

High-performance removal of materials

Surface treatment


Impact of specialized materials on the environment and human

Analysis of sources of air pollution for workers

Industrial waste management


Treatment of industrial effluents

Clean machining

Avionics & Controls, integration and validation

Active control systems

Beat Control, burst, maneuver

Control the flight dynamics

Servo-electric drives

software certification

Mechanical and hydraulic systems


Hydraulic systems


Robotic assembly


Vibration & diagnostics


Autonomy in flight, minimization of consumption

Fuel cells

Optimization of power electronics

Researchers and departments involved


Department of Automated Production

Department of construction

Department of Electrical

Department of Mechanical

Department of Software and IT


Number of researchers "Core": 20 (researchers who have this area as a central research theme)

Number of researchers "No Core": 26 (researchers who participate in research projects may be related to this topic)

Chairs and research units

Accredited research units

DYNAMO – Research Laboratory in Machine, Process and Structural Dynamics

LIPPS – Products, Processes and Systems Engineering Laboratory

Research chairs

Canada Research Chair for Aircraft Modeling and Simulation Technologies

NSERC/P&WC Industrial Research Chair on Propulsion System Integration and Optimization

Research units recognized

ACEFE – Stress Analysis by Finite Element and Testing Laboratory

C2SP – Design and Control of Production Systems Laboratory

LAMSI – Shape Memory Alloys and Intelligent Systems Laboratory

LARCASE – Aeronautical Research Laboratory in Active Control, Avionics and Aeroservoelasticity

TFT – Thermo-Fluids for Transport Laboratory

Technologies de Conception, Fabrication & Logistique (LEAN)

Boundary element method (BEM)

Finite element method (FEM)


Computer-aided design (CAD)

Computer Aided Manufacturing (FAO)

Life cycle management of products (PLM)

Supply chain (logistic)

Analysis, planning, scheduling and optimization of the supply chain

Design and planning of sustainable supply chains

Green logistics

Management and inventory optimization

Manufacturing networks and smart services

Operations Research

Optimization of transport flows

process analysis and optimization

Production / Operations management (MRP SAP, etc ...)


RFID technology, Identification, Security, Traceability

Simulation and optimization of manufacturing systems

Aircraft maintenance, health and safety at work

Ergonomics and Industrial Hygiene, Air quality, contaminant dispersion, energy exchange, ventilation (field study, experimental and numerical models), Biometrological predictive index, Industrial Acoustics (control and prevention of deafness), Physical ergonomics (prevention of musculoskeletal injuries)

Integrated Risk Management of Health and Safety (modeling and field)

Security at work, Design, testing and standardization of protective equipment (working at heights and hearing protection), Fire protection, Maintenance (lockout), Safety equipment, machinery and structures (safe design), Sealing and pressure vessels

Material manufacturing processes

Generating machining scales

Formatting metallic and nonmetallic materials

Additive Manufacturing


Thermal treatments (including induction)

High-performance machining

Machining of new materials, and exotic composites

Robotic manufacturing

Artificial Intelligence

Design, modeling and analysis of hydraulic & pneumatic systems

Image processing, pattern recognition, artificial vision

Intelligent control of electrical drives and high precision robots

Quality Systems

Management, Continuous improvement, Control ranges, Industrial statistics, Internal Audit ISO-9000, Lean management, Multidisciplinary optimization, Process optimization, Quality standards & standardization, Software maintenance, Technical problem solving

Measures, 3D Metrology & uncertainties propagation, Automated inspection (imaging, vision, artificial intelligence, pattern recognition), Inspection of pieces (scan, manufacturing tolerances), Non-destructive testing standard and non-standard


alternative fuels

Combustion (direct injection, diesel, biodiesel and alcohol)


Exhaust emissions


Spray & Jet Fuel


Environment Indoor / Outdoor


Air quality (passengers)

energy Analysis

Exhaust emissions

Frosting / defrosting

Science of flight



Fluid dynamics (experimental, numerical)

Mechanical and performance of the flight