ICT CPD Supply Map

This is the summary map for identifying key features of the landscape and climate of the project.

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ICT CPD Supply Map by Mind Map: ICT CPD Supply Map

1. Supply

1.1. Key Models

1.1.1. • High Collaborative School-Based • Low Collaborative School-Based • High Collaborative External Players • Low Collaborative External Players

1.2. Providers

1.2.1. Hardware/software companies BESA links & data Steljes Promethean RM BBC Espresso Clicker Microsoft Innovative Leaders (charity) Immersive Education Thinkquest Trust Oracle (charity)

1.2.2. Individual & Group Influences Blogosphere Larry Ferlazzo Ollie Bray Nik's daily English activities Fremdsprachen und Neue Medien Tom Barrett Doug Belshaw Leon Cych Communities of Practice MirandaNet EdTechRoundUp Twitter TDA ICT Skills Test TTA advisers Ofsted Exam Boards Edexcel OCR Strategy advisers Independent advisers Becta & collaboration TDA Advisors Independents QCDA

1.2.3. Universities OU Vital: ICT CPD project M-level Professional Qualifications School Partnerships CETLs CPD Centres/Departments Third stream/consultancy/knowledge transfer Academy Sponsors MTL Consortia

1.2.4. CPD Organisations Science Learning Centres National Centre for Excellence in the Teaching of Mathematics futurelab teachable.net IPDA Teaching Unions ATL NAS/UWT NUT Voice Professional associations Becta ICT Mark Naace SSAT College of Teachers Core

1.2.5. Service Providers Teachers TV TDA Training Centres Society21 Tribal BBC C4 DV content providers RM GTCE TLA teachernet Learning platforms Fronter etc RM Frogtrade IM Jack Etech Core Sirco Viglen Netmedia Ramesys DB Education Uniservity

1.2.6. Subject Associations Naace Council for Subject Associations NATE All D and TA ASE Historical Association Geographical Association Science Centres Maths Cilt ITTE

1.2.7. LAs CLCs central CPD programmes LA advisors SIPs Strategy Advisers ASTs

1.2.8. School level internal ICT programme support Heads ICT CPD programme managers AST, ET, HLTA, SiP

1.2.9. RBC LGFL Curriculum Consultants MLE Trainers Partners; LAs, CLCs SEGFL

1.2.10. Private CPD Providers Mill Wharf Training Espresso Creative Education Lighthouse