Brainstorming the theme 'before the world ends' for BIAD Visual Commincations degree show and book. All ideas around this theme are welcomed, including words, possible show names, introductory media ideas, marketing ideas, and book ideas. Get contributing! (Thumbs up tags are ideas that were popular, feel free to add to ideas you especially like. Add a book icon to any ideas concerning the book. Add a head icon to any name ideas.)

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1. End of....

1.1. Show

1.1.1. Curtain Call

1.1.2. Applause

1.1.3. Encore

1.1.4. Bravo

1.2. Childhood

1.2.1. Uni/Education

1.3. Film

1.3.1. ''Roll The Credits'' Names appear across the projected at the show as credits

1.3.2. Book Best bit is always the last chapter. Conclusion Full stop Period

1.3.3. Cartoons ''To be continued'' ''Until next time''

1.4. Rollercoaster

1.5. Bottom of something

1.5.1. Wishing Well Coins

1.6. A piece of string

1.6.1. ''How longs a piece of string?''

1.7. An era

1.8. A night out

1.8.1. Happiness

1.9. Everything as we know it

1.9.1. Go back to the bottom of the food chain We are plankton Prey to vultures Innocent Vunerable

1.10. End or The Beginning of..

1.10.1. Having no money?

1.10.2. Struggling?

2. End of the World As THEY know it

2.1. Here to change things

2.1.1. Shitty flyers

2.1.2. Bad type

2.1.3. Crap music videos

2.1.4. Stupid slogans

2.2. Make and impact

2.3. Things that piss you off

2.3.1. Political statement of change

3. ''The world doesn't revolve around you''

3.1. ''Oh its not the end of the world''

3.2. Selective breeding

3.2.1. Are you on the list?

3.2.2. Only the best will make it

4. Journey

4.1. Poscards

4.2. Passports

4.2.1. Passport photos Photo Booth

4.2.2. Change Your Identity

4.2.3. Invite is a boarding pass Get given a stamp when visiting different ares, eg. Illustration, Photog etc..

4.2.4. invitation to event is in the same format as a passport... and is carried around the event and stamped at different intersections... intervals... throughout the evening.

4.3. Luggage

4.3.1. Dessert Island What would you take with you

4.4. Maps

4.4.1. Journey to the end of the earth

5. What do you get at the end?

5.1. Happiness

5.2. Reward

5.3. Sucess

5.4. Death

5.4.1. Rebirth Reincarnation When i die, i want to come back as..

5.5. Pride

5.5.1. Proud of our work

6. Interactive Media: Something to do by the end of the show

7. Heroes like characters for each of us like the tv program 'save the cheerleader, save the world' but save something else

8. end of our world...maybe express the classic perceptions of students vs real world

9. Time

9.1. Time Machine

9.1.1. Future

9.2. Space

9.3. Clock

9.3.1. Timer Diffuse a bomb Tick tick boom!

9.3.2. Countdown End of show Release Page numbers in book go from highest to lowest, ie. last page is 1

10. Narrative?

11. Whats Going To Happen?

11.1. We die

11.2. Jesus comes

11.3. Elvis come back to life

11.4. Invasion of polar bears

11.5. Beginning of the world

11.6. Causes of the end of the world

11.6.1. Causes to stop something World peace Charities End of Poverty Aids Hunger

11.6.2. Dinosaurs

11.6.3. Aliens

11.6.4. Toxic Waste

11.6.5. Bird Flu

11.6.6. Disease wipes us out

11.6.7. Monsters

11.6.8. Global Warming Climate Change An epidemic

11.7. Lost

12. Show is our World, metaphorically

12.1. Spirit of the war

12.1.1. Live for the moment

13. Things to do before it ends

13.1. Who you'd like to meet?

13.1.1. Who would you give your last rolo to?

13.2. Lists; check lists

13.3. Be at the top of my game

13.4. Fame and fortune

13.5. Marridge, family, house, kids

13.6. Be yourself

14. Sacrifices to stop the world ending

14.1. What would you give up?

15. Face it ya gunna die

16. End of a tunnel , light at the end of the tunnel

17. clever copy - bets way to express it