Malware and Internet Security

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Malware and Internet Security by Mind Map: Malware and Internet Security

1. Malware

1.1. type of software

1.2. can damage a computer

1.3. can hack into someones computer and take all control without the user knowing

1.3.1. has harmful viruses and bugs, worms, and trojan horses

2. Trojan Horse

2.1. gives hackers access to a computer without permission

2.1.1. can come with emails, downloads, websites and even floppy disks etc

2.2. non self replicating

3. Spyware

3.1. type of malware used to spy on users

3.2. great way of stealing someones personal information

3.2.1. is hidden so its really hard to find out if you have spyware on your computer

4. Computer Worm

4.1. replicates itself on to the computer

4.2. causes some harm to the computer

4.2.1. can come attached with things like email , websites or downloads

5. Phishing

5.1. is a email that is sent which is fake

5.2. may say things like youve won money

5.2.1. gets people when it asks for personal information

6. Internet Security

6.1. something that protects the computer from harmful things like viruses

6.1.1. you can things like norton anitvirus which will help your computer and get rid of harmful viruses