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Literary Devices Used in Satire by Mind Map: Literary Devices Used in Satire
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Literary Devices Used in Satire


a subtle reference to another piece of work, usually literature

The name Cunegonde

"As you know, the two countries are at war over a few acres of snow on the Canadian border," (p. 23)


Exaggerations not meant to be taken literally, often used to prove or exaggerate a point

"Pangloss taught metaphysico-theologico-cosmo-nigology." (pg. 4)

"he saw the two girls throw their arms lovingly around the two apes and collapse in tears over their corpses, filling the air with the most pitiful lamentations," (p. 40)


an unravelling of events that seem to contradict the expected in a satirical way

"and they are spending rather more on their lovely war than the whole of Canada is worth." (69)

" 'That worthy old man seems to have created for himself an existence far preferable to that of the six kings with whom we had the honour of dining' " (pg. 93)


humorously exaggerated imitation of another work

“she was herself infected, and may now be dead. Paquette received this present from a very learned Franciscan, who could trace it back to its source; for he had it from a cavalry captain…” (11)

“Governor, Don Fernando d’Ibaraa y Figuera y Mascarenes y Lampourdos y Souza” (32)


A statement with contradicting words or ideas. (Greek: Sharply dull)

"A passerby who had never been baptized, a good Anabaptist named Jacques, saw the cruel and ignominious logic thus being meted out to one of this brothers," pg. 9

" 'I am familiar with the gibberish these people speak. I will address them.' " (p. 41)


A toned down version of the original in terms of impact, size, severity, importance

“ ‘All we ask… is a few sheep loaded with provisions, with pebbles, and with the mud of your country.’ ” (50)

“ ‘ Yes, Monsieur, … it is the custom. Twice a year we are given a pair of blue canvas drawers, and this is our only clothing.’ ”