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Radiohead by Mind Map: Radiohead
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internet leads no need for labels

musician middle class (53)


New paradigm

Pay what you want

Worth, free?, great amount of copyrighted work (3), censorship possibilites (DMCA) (3), Marketing, coopting true open access models? (3), tactic to sell CDs, Internet, frictionless world (2), low overhead (2), no physical costs (2), no distro costs (2), low marketing costs (2), Kid A leak (9), statistics, 500K download first week Bittorrent (7), 1.2 million downloads (60), 62% didnt pay (7), 38% paid, 6 million dollars first week (55), more in 1st week than 3 albums combined, average 6$ per purchase (2)

Download, Pirate, Convenience, legitimization, stealing because they love the band, no credit card, Statistics


simple (compare BT)


avant garde yet throwback

ethos, portrait of loyalty, ripping off fans?, no supporting greedy record cos.


In Rainbows site

slow & buggy to use (7), inoperable" (9)

required lots of info (7)

Old paradigm

Hard copy

value add, artwork, value of physical copy

record industry

6.6 million (37)

owns rights


45K$ (37)

no ownership

releasing physical copy on major label (52)


"still needs distro tomake it to the masses" (52)

support money

mixer, studio, distro, etc. (62)

Live shows

RH signing 120 million $ concert promo firm (52)

Nin, Madonna, RH (ethos) (52)

live performance fast growing part of industry (16%) (64)

92% stones revenue from touring