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Butterflies/Caterpillars by Mind Map: Butterflies/Caterpillars

1. math

1.1. Favorite Fruit Graph

1.2. recipe for nectar

1.3. butterfly symmetry

1.4. caterpillar patterning

1.5. caterpillar addition/subtraction

1.6. caterpillar bug salad recipe

2. writing

2.1. science journal documenting changes

2.2. Piggy back book "The Very Hungry Student"

2.3. create a butterfly ABC book

2.4. write story from the point of view of a caterpillar

2.5. caterpillar accordian book

3. Language Arts

3.1. Food Sequencing

3.2. story retell with props

3.3. Piggy back book "The Very Hungry Student"

3.4. create a butterfly ABC book

3.5. caterpillar accordian book

3.6. "The Caterpillar" poem

4. art

4.1. butterfly sponge painting

4.2. life cycle wheel

4.3. creating food props for story retell

4.4. creating egg carton catepillars

4.5. painting butterfly symmetry

4.6. caterpillar patterning

4.7. caterpillar addition/subtraction

5. social studies

5.1. butterflies in native american cultures

5.2. migration

5.3. the uses of silk in various countries

5.4. compare changes of the students with the butterfly metamorphisis

6. science

6.1. Observing caterpillars

6.2. journal documenting changes

6.3. life cycle wheel

6.4. creating nectar

6.5. migration

7. Literature

7.1. The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle

7.2. From Caterpillar to Butterfly by Deborah Heiligman

7.3. Butterflies by J.F. Clarke

7.4. I Like Caterpillars/I Like Butterflies by Gladys Conklin

7.5. The Longest Journey in the World by William Morris

7.6. The Butterfly Book by Kersten Hamilton

8. music/movement

8.1. The Tired Caterpillar song

8.2. The Butterfly fingerplay

8.3. discuss rhythm/tempo using the song "Butterfly Wings"

8.4. act out the "Caterpillar" poem