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John F Kennedy by Mind Map: John F Kennedy

1. John F Kennedy was president from 1961 to 1963, and he was one of the youngest presidents there has been.

2. John was born the 29th may 1917 and died the 22th november 1963. He were son of Joseph- and Rose Kennedy

3. before John became president the Kennedy-family were well known in the community.

4. John had a wife, Jacqueline they had 3 children together, Caroline B Kennedy, John F Kennedy Jr. and the last child died 2 days after the birth

5. John died while he was in Dallas in Texas. he was shot in the head, by a sniper, but they never found out who killed him.

6. In the film, Forrest got to meet John F Kennedy, because Forrest was admitted to All-American football team.

7. His famlily was Catholics, that's why John had 8 siblings.