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VLE requirements by Mind Map: VLE requirements
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VLE requirements

regardless of whether a VLE is free or payed for the same issuers need to be addressed to a more or lessor degree. This will depend on numbers and budget and requirements.


Regarding Cost and more importantly the skills you have in your oganisation


Self Managed




Does it have enough built in tools to engage learners

Ease of use


User tracking

Reward system

Grading and feedback

Group learing

Can learners work in groups?

People management



What can different types of users do


how to manage the movement of people in multi year courses and at the end of the course

Group management

Managing users in groups

Course management

resourse/activity availability

Making Activities and resourses available in a timely manor

Enrolling people

Do learners enrol them selves?

Capturing stats

to support admin tasks such as engagement and grades

Tracking progress

for both learners and tutors

Communication with stakeholders

getting messages to learners and support staff associated with the course/module

'End of course' management

remove learners and their work at the end of the course/module

Creating and deleting courses

Course structure

How to keep the course easy to navigate

Course & Activity navigation

how easy is it for the learner to find their way to the relevant activity

Linking to other courses

how to manage users belonging to multiple areas and or courses and not have access to areas / courses that they do not belong to


Management information

import and export data from management systems such as SIMs, Agresso or just with a spreadsheet

Other external services


Data protection

Do I comply with the DP legislation


can i archive it for the required amount of time

Who owns what

Who owns the data

How public is it

Can i control who see it

Where in the world

Where is the data stored


Course backup

backup current course with users, their work and the resources

System backup

disaster recovery


prevent unwanted intrusion

Feature development

the product will offer new feature and functions in the future

Product Longevity

How long is it likely that the product will be supported for a long time


can you get support

Size of eco-system

how many people using it

Change appearance

Change apearence