Central European Monarchs Clash

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Central European Monarchs Clash by Mind Map: Central European Monarchs Clash

1. States form in central europe

1.1. Economic contrasts with the west

1.1.1. Serfs in the west slowly won there freedom and moved into towns

1.2. Several weak empires

1.2.1. German states were very different to eachother and hard to control

1.3. Austria grows stronger

1.3.1. Conquered many lands during the 30 years war

1.4. Maria thersa inherits the austrian throne

1.4.1. Daughter of Charles VI who was heir to the hapsburg throne

2. 30 years war

2.1. Bohemian protestants revolt

2.1.1. protestants didnt trust ferdinand to start 30 year war

2.2. Hapsburg triamphs

2.2.1. ferdinand paid his troops to crush the german revolters

2.3. Hapsburg defeats

2.3.1. cardinals of france sent troops to aid german and swedish protestants

2.4. Pace of westphalia

2.4.1. ended the war in 1648

2.5. Beginning of modern states

2.5.1. abandoned idea of catholic empire and turned to independant equal states

3. Prussia challenges austria

3.1. The rise of prussia

3.1.1. very military state and paid off military men to continue fighting

3.2. Frederick the great

3.2.1. was a soft person till his father had his friend beheaded

3.3. War of the austrian succession

3.3.1. Maria lost silesia to prussa

3.4. 7 years war

3.4.1. The war didnt change the territorial situation in europe