The Monarchs clash

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The Monarchs clash by Mind Map: The Monarchs clash

1. Death Persues

1.1. The 30 years war

1.1.1. Two main phases, Hapsburg triumphs, and hapsburg defeats.

1.1.2. for the first 12 years hapsburg crushed troops

1.1.3. than he was defeated

1.2. The Bro-hemians Revolted

2. states form

2.1. economic contrasts with the west

2.2. several weak empires

2.3. Austria Grows stronger

2.4. Maria Theresa inheirts the austrian throne

3. Prussia Challenges Austria

3.1. The Hohenzollerns built up their state from a number of small holdings.

3.2. Fredrick the great followed his dads military policies

3.3. Maria theresa formed an alliance with Prussia against France Russia and Austria Than the seven years war Began