why i am not making any progress in spiritual field?

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why i am not making any progress in spiritual field? by Mind Map: why i am not making any progress in spiritual field?

1. is it true that i am not making any progress?

1.1. measure it based on

1.1.1. lust decreased

1.1.2. anger decreased

1.1.3. greed decreased

1.1.4. peace increased

1.1.5. bliss increased

1.1.6. degree of auspiciousness increased

1.1.7. brightness glow in eyes increased

1.1.8. sharpness of mind increased

1.1.9. increased consciouness

1.1.10. sleep decreased

1.2. if above all are crossed then the progress is at best insignificant

2. is this the right question to ask?

2.1. how can i make rapid progress?

2.2. how can i stop the falldown?

2.3. what is that i am not doing which i should be doing?

2.3.1. i am not walking , towards God and away from World ,incessantly why? is it that you dont know therotiacally that world is not for soul? is it that you dont implement pratically? is it that you need to keep remiding yourself often how to remind oneself? think of nature of material world incessantly and affirm that there is no happiness there then incessantly contemplate on nature of divine world to affirm that real happiness is here think of immediate & sudden death do u have time to do it? if you make full use of whatever idle time you have, then Krishna will give you more time as reward.

3. can someone help me answer 1,2,3 questions

3.1. let many eyes see these questions

3.2. let my inner eyes contemplate on these questions

3.3. let me ask my guruji

3.3.1. Guruji has said in his lecture already that real change comes when we think ourselves. hence inner eyes contemplate seems worthy of consideration