C2 Matters of Life and Death

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C2 Matters of Life and Death by Mind Map: C2 Matters of Life and Death

1. Sanctity of Life

1.1. Genesis 1

1.1.1. God made life in his image "it was good"

1.2. Exodus 20:13

1.2.1. "Do not kill"

1.3. Romans 14:8

1.3.1. life should be spent the way God intends

1.4. Catechism

1.4.1. all life comes from God and is sacred

1.5. God made life sacred by becoming human in Jesus

2. Abortion

2.1. UK Law

2.1.1. legal

2.1.2. if ... mother's life at risk risk of injury to physical or mental health of mother substantial risk that baby would be severely handicapped

2.1.3. up to 24 weeks

2.1.4. if two doctors agree

2.2. Catholic

2.2.1. always wrong life is holy life begins at conception Ten Commandments Every person has a natural "right to life" adoption is a better solution "Doctrine of Double Effect"

2.3. Protestant

2.3.1. Conservative Similar to Catholics

2.3.2. Liberal eg Methodists and Anglicans must be allowed in certain circumstances rape mother's life at risk foetus so handicapped little quality of life some: poverty Love your neighbour as yourself human life does not begin at conception technological advances in medicine risk of back street abortions

3. Euthanasia

3.1. Non-religious arguments

3.1.1. For advances in medicine have kept people alive that might have died otherwise development of life-support machines judges have said that doctors can stop treatment basic human right, to have control over ending your own life

3.1.2. Against relatives might want to get people's money a cure might be found doctors should save lives, not end them people might not be in their right mind when they ask for euthanasia

3.2. Christian views

3.2.1. Catholic wrong sanctity of life Ten Commandments: Do not murder If someone is brain-dead, then they have already died, so switching off life-support machine is not euthanasia painkillers may be given to someone in great pain Not giving extraordinary treatment is acceptable

3.2.2. Protestant mostly the same as Catholic views some do not believe you should switch off a life support machine believe you should accept extraordinary treatment do not allow giving large doses of painkillers

4. Life after death

4.1. Christian views

4.1.1. Catholic views When you die Heaven Hell Purgatory - place of purification Day of Judgement Resurrection of body

4.1.2. Protestant Immortality of the Soul Jesus to the crucified thief Transfiguration - evidence that Abraham, Moses and Elijah could communicate with in heaven evidence of Paranormal Resurrection of the body Jesus rose from the dead 1 Corinthians - Paul Creeds Revelation of St John - dead will be raised and judged

4.2. Non-religious views

4.2.1. Paranormal mediums ghosts Near Death Experiences Reincarnation - past life memories

4.3. Why some people don't believe

4.3.1. no experience of it

4.3.2. Science suggests when you're dead, you're dead

4.3.3. no place where it could happen

4.3.4. don't believe in God

5. Contraception

5.1. preventing conception from occurring

5.2. Catholic view

5.2.1. wrong every act of sex should be open to conception artificial methods separate unitive and creative aspects of sex promote promiscuity responsible parenthood Papal teaching Pope Pius IX 1930 condemned all artificial contraception Pius XII 1951 natural forms of contraception are part of God's creation Paul VI 1968 affirmed this teaching - only natural methods are allowed Some contraceptions have abortifacient effects

5.3. Protestant view

5.3.1. acceptable improve women's health God created sex for enjoyment and to cement bonds of marriage nothing in Bible that forbids use of contraception Anglican Lambeth Conference 1930 declared it legitimate to limit family size