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Exam Preparation: Physics 101 by Mind Map: Exam Preparation:  Physics 101
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Exam Preparation: Physics 101

This is a sample mind map

Notes from Class

Here the student can link to other mind maps ("sub maps"). Such sub maps can be used to take notes during class.

Week 1: Vectors

Week 2: Projectile Motion & Particles under constant acceleration

Week 3: Centripetal acceleration

About the exam

Time & Date

Don't forget to bring ...

Formulas & Laws

Newton's Laws

Physical Constants

Circular Motion

Topics covered

This is an overview of the material that will be covered in the exam. The student can use icons to indicate which topics he has already worked through and is comfortable with, and which ones he still needs to revise.


Projectile motion

Particles under constant acceleration

Centripetal acceleration and tangential acceleration

Newton’s laws

Free body diagrams

From the Book

Here the student can add summaries of each book chapter that will be covered during the exam. The summaries can be added as notes in the notes widget or as Word or PDF documents.

Summary Chapter 1


Summary Chapter 2


Summary Chapter 3


Summary Chapter 4


Summary Chapter 5

Applying Newton's Laws: Particles in Equilibrium Dynamics of Particles Frictional Forces Dynamics of Circular Motion The Fundamental Forces of Nature