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SaleNetix by Mind Map: SaleNetix
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Interesting, Marketing, Social media

Physically small, Easy distribution, No warehousing

High value, Easy distribution

Makes us look good, Give some % of sales to charity

Possibility of repeat sales, Takes pressure off of new customer acquisition

Single product (or at least a small number of SKUs), Easy distribution, Easy inventory management, Easy marketing

Can be explained in one sentence, Makes viral marketing wayyy easier

The market should be small enough that we could reasonably get into the top 5 (worldwide)

The market should be large enough that we wouldn't be in the top 5 by default., Can't brag about being #1

A physical product, More interesting, Can be seen in people's homes or on their bodies, Shows our strength in eCommerce, Less crowded than virtual goods like eBooks, More expensive. Lower volume

General Ideas

Something collectible

Something that denotes status or accomplishment

Something that ties in with a larger theme, Edoc Laundry

Something that is connected to a pre-existing, and passionate, group, ie. Skateboard gear, Video editing equipment, Knitting supplies

Lots of intangible value, Pokemon

Examples of a perfect product

Anything As-Seen-On-TV, Snuggie

Monster Hoodies

Crystal Head Vodka



Sales & Distribution

Simple payments to start


Google Checkout


Anything that doesn't require a SSL cert or merchant account

Ship twice a week

Hire some kid for $9 an hour to stuff boxes.

Outsource customer service to India

Outsource phone sales to India

Outsource accounting to India

Ship from the office

Easy to setup

Cheap at a small scale

Limits types of products we can sell

Very difficult to scale up

Amazon Distribution


Hard to set up


Ships from US

No crap in the office


Why something has to be that way


It would be nice




Web Presence


Magento, It's a skill we are trying to show off, It is excellent, Offers plenty of room for expansion, Works out-of-the-box, pretty much

Central blog

This is where we talk about the product and the customers


Talk about product/market/customers.

Some customer service

Behind The Scenes Blog

The best of this content would end up on Senses

The home of the highlights of the Transparency side of the business

The problems with affiliates


Race to the bottom

Not terribly lucrative



Hard to turn into an interesting case study

The 3 Ps