Computer Languages

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Computer Languages by Mind Map: Computer Languages

1. Assembly Language

1.1. Allows programmers to use abbreviated command words, called op codes, rather than the 1's and 0's used in Machine Languages.

2. SQL and RPG

2.1. They eliminated many of the strict punctuation and grammar rules that complicated third generation languages.

3. Prolog

3.1. A computer programming language based on a declarative programming paradigm.

3.2. IT is used for artificial intelligence applications.

4. Machine Language

4.1. Were the first languages available for programming computers.

4.2. Is specific to a particular CPU or microprocessor family.

5. COBOL and Fortran

5.1. COmmon Business Oriented Language, A procedural language development in the early 1960's and used extensively for mainframe business applications.

5.2. FORmula TRANslator, One of the original third-generation languages: developed in 1950's and is used today for scientific applications.