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History -Russian revolution by Mind Map: History -Russian revolution
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History -Russian revolution

Tsar and tsarina


hated after bloody sunday

tsar blamed for WW1 defeats

tsarina left in charge while Tsar is in charge of the army

february revolution



Army abandoned Tsar

November revolution


why they succeeded

Provisional Government

they did nothing to try end the power of the soviets

the petrograd soviets were very powerful it built up a nationwide network of soviets which took their orders from it. Order number 1-forbid soviets and workers to obey the provisional government unless the soviets agreed.

Terrible conditions





long term causes of the russian revolution.

all the intitutions that supported the monarchy-such as the Church, the nobility and the faithful loyalty of the peasants-come from the middle ages.

meanwhile new modern forces were threatening the monarchy such as the middle class, and industrial working class and Marxism.

Bloody sunday

22nd January 1905

As they approached the troops paniked and open fired at the workers.

it is said that 96 people died and 333 wounded but the actual amount was about 1000 people dead and many more wounded.

this then sparked a wave of protesters.

a priest called Father Gapon, led a crowd of 200,000 workers through the streets of St Petersbourg to Tsar's winter palace. they intended to deliver a petition to Tsar, listening to their grievances, although Tsar was not in the palace.

LENINS russia

government changes

:lenin did


Communist state

Communist society

labour law


Communist morals


war communism

the civil war



Why the BOLSHEVIKS won

NEP (new economic policy



bolsheviks concerned, bought in NEP.

new small buisnesses