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College by Mind Map: College

1. Even tho Ohio is a ways away id love to go there it'd be a new experience and I would love to live there and go to school there.

2. I would like to go to college for 4 years and learn as much as I can so I am prepared for my career.

3. To become an athletic trainer I need to find a college with medical training.

4. What college is right for me and my career?

5. Can I find a close college for the career I want?

6. How long will I need to go to college for.

7. I think a four year college or university would be best to go to for the career of my choice.

8. What college is right for me for the career path I would like to choose.

9. A community college is local and is great to stay close to home! But do they offer the course I will need?

10. Would a two year junior or community college be helpful? I could do two years there then transfer to a 4 year college and do two more years there.

11. Which type of college would give me the degree I need and the classes I need to take?

12. Private college is harder to get into and it can also be more expensive. Do I want to pay more to go to a private school?

13. Ohio state university has great medical classes and I have always wanted to go to college there.