Marketing Channels

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Marketing Channels by Mind Map: Marketing Channels

1. Mail-Order/Internet Outlets

1.1. A special type of retailing in which the the vendor takes orders by phone or online and then ships the product directly.

1.2. Pros

1.2.1. Mail-Order suppliers often offer low prices. Best source of products for buyers who are unlikely to need assistance or can troubleshoot by calling a help desk. More experienced computer users who can install components and upload software often use mail-order suppliers.

1.3. Cons

1.3.1. Offer limited service and support. Inexperienced users may not be satisfied with assistance they receive from a mail-order supplier.

2. Value-Added Reseller

2.1. Combines comercially available products with specialty hardware or software to create a computer system designed to meet the needs of a specific industry.

2.2. Pros

2.2.1. High expertise tailored to make the best system for your business.

2.3. Cons

2.3.1. Often the most expensive way to put a system together.

3. Computer Retail Stores

3.1. Purchases computer products from a variety of manufacturers, and then sells those products to consumers.

3.1.1. Most stores are small or larger and specialize in the sale and support of microcomputer hardware/software. Provide the consumer with knowledgeable employees that can help them with any question or concern they have or can show them the appropriate computer that fits their needs.

3.2. Pros

3.2.1. Often the best shopping option for a buyer who will most likely need assistance with their purchase, like beginers or for more advanced systems.

3.3. Cons

3.3.1. Can be very expensive because they need to compensate for buying from manufacturers and maintaining a well-trained staff.

4. Manufacturer Direct

4.1. Refers to hardware manufacturers that sell their products directly to consumers without a middleman, such as a retail store or mail-order supplier.

4.1.1. A manufacturer usually targets corporations or educational customers that promote large sales.

4.2. Pros

4.2.1. Most maufacturer web sites let the customer build their custom computer, which saves them and the manufacturer money. By cutting out the retailer, the manufacturer can make more profit.

4.3. Cons

4.3.1. The manufacturer must provide the customer with technical support, which is costly and time consuming.