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Francisco Gonçalves (2007-2009) BanifServ by Mind Map: Francisco Gonçalves (2007-2009) BanifServ
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Francisco Gonçalves (2007-2009) BanifServ

Data Centric

Dispersed Data-Centers

Business Continuity & DR

Next Generation DataCenters

Virtual Management & Provisioning

Grids & teraflops engines

Infrastructure Management

Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)

BPM, SOA, etc.

CRM, ERP, etc.

Farm, Utility Computing

Business Intelligence

Intelligent Service & products

Storage & Document Management

Web 2.0

Ajax, Php, Flash, etc

Google Like Apps..

Virtual Worlds (e.g. 2nd Life)

Asterisk VoIP

Voice Recognition, ...., ..

Desktop Virtualization

O/S VM Appliances

SaaS Apps

Network Apps

Web Desktop Office

Web Open Office

Thin Devices / Browser enabled

Web O/S, Virtual Desktops

Green IT

Server Virtualization

Thin Client / Client Less Technologies



Open IDs

Server & Storage Virtualization

Grid Computing, Utility Computing


Network / SAN

Collaboration Platforms Web-Centric

Wikis, Blogs,etc

Social Netw

Multi IM, File Transfer, Share docs, etc.


E-mail Security

Mobile Platform

Security and De-Perimetered

Netw Management Tools

Open Source Platforms