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Mobile Technology in the Classroom by Mind Map: Mobile Technology in the Classroom
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Mobile Technology in the Classroom

New Brighton

Program and Apps we use.

Year One

Year Two

This year, I will be using them from the first day of school and with all of my classes.


Blog Updates

My Blog

Early Childhood Uses


99 cent app with many free stories and others are around a dollar or two.

Other Resources


Step One:  Sign in or Sign Up Step Two:  Join Our Group.  Code is cxt747. Step Three:  Please answer Poll Question. Step Four:  Go to Presentation from link in Edmodo.    

Edmodo Mobile


Further the Conversation

Any comments or questions are greatly encouraged.   The more the technology is used, the more we can learn what works and what doesn't and we can push the effort for 1 to 1 schools into a reality.  

The 3A's

Teach students how to: Access appropriate information Analyze relevant content Apply in meaningful context  

Can's and Cant's

Past Backchannels

Penn State 1:1, 2010 Backchannel

You may also use the hashtag #psu1to1 on Twitter.  

PETE&C 2010 Backchannel

We encourage you to particpate. Feel free to ask questions in the backchannel or verbally.

CAIU EDU21 Oct 2010

The Droid

I am adding this in January of 2011, because I got a Droid X for Christmas and have been experimenting with it for education.  I knew they ran many of the same free apps as the iPods, but now with my own I can expand on this topic.