CN Tower

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CN Tower by Mind Map: CN Tower

1. Loads

1.1. Static load

1.1.1. dead load CN tower it self its does not change, due to gravity pulling it down

1.1.2. live load people Because the dead load must support it, and it doesn't change

1.2. Dynamic load

1.2.1. snow, rain, hail, lightning, Because these forces can change Weather Conditions

2. Internal Forces

2.1. Compression

2.1.1. Compression gets experienced from lightning. Lightning

3. Type of structure

3.1. Shell structure

3.1.1. It's a shell structure because the main portion of the tower is a hollow concrete hexagonal pillar also it is a free-standing structure CN Tower

4. Form

4.1. It's tall, cylinder shaped with a large rod at the top

4.1.1. CN Tower: Top

5. Function/Purpose

5.1. To observe the city of Toronto and to have telecommunication services.

5.1.1. CN Tower:

6. External forces

6.1. Lightning

6.1.1. Heavy magnitude Lightning: Magnitude

6.1.2. Push

6.1.3. 90。 Lightning: 90。

6.1.4. Top of CN Tower Top of CN Tower

6.2. Rain

6.2.1. Low magnitude Rain: Magnitude

6.2.2. Push

6.2.3. 90。

6.2.4. Top of CN Tower