Sketchbook1 (open-source projection)

Project initiated by Taeung Moon, 2009. More information can be found from

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Sketchbook1 (open-source projection) by Mind Map: Sketchbook1 (open-source projection)

1. ETC

1.1. Consciousness and body (conscious perception of body)

1.2. Adding and degrading values / creation from nothing, something into nothing /

1.2.1. Planting and gather fruits and grains

1.2.2. Prostitute as holder of secret knowledge Narrative my experience of Arrest my experience with prostitute

1.2.3. Film production So many plans, so many people working in same project, actors,

1.2.4. Measuring

1.2.5. boredom

1.3. Structure of the internet needs to be re-structured. what does it mean that I search for info? more info needs to be provided. more organisation and network

2. Current projects?

2.1. Improvisatory making

2.2. Start blogging!!

2.2.1. Set some specific goal or function of this Kind of new network Point of blogging is in 'you publish'

3. Current concerns?

4. What participants created should be coloured into Green

5. what is authenticity? We always looking for authenticity in most of choices, but is it so?

6. approach?

6.1. What is first thing to think about approach?

6.1.1. Purpose? Research/investigation - understanding Methodology? Ultimate purpose of understanding? What is actuality of understanding? ANTI- Why do we need to look at history? is it really for present generation? Condition? Communication I thought we have to leave them free because otherwise it is just another form of discourse and eliticism however, it's not all that you leave them free because the social structure is not leaving them free yet. more examination needed. This is why "undermining" work is valued. More examination in communication itself is needed. Condition? Practical function DIY ANTI- Other alternatives to research? It seems what artists do when they approach is not "understanding"

6.1.2. ANTI- is purpose necessary? Scepticism on idea of purpose Approach without purpose

6.1.3. Context of approach

6.1.4. Principles Seriousness and un-seriousness (humour)? Practicality and un-practicality? Spontaneity Whatever you do, be spontaneous. You don't need any pressure on whatever you do.

7. Read me (manual) ->

8. A priori

8.1. The moment

8.1.1. Choice to "do" - choice to make approach

8.1.2. Autonomy of "do" from consciousness : primitive "do"

8.2. The beginning

8.2.1. Choice Is choice free? Is it possible to hybridize or transcend choice? What is importance? Responsibility Authenticity

8.2.2. Logics; way of thinking Rational mind Is reason reliable? Context What is context? why is it always coming up? Problems in understanding and experience All these as process of reducing unlimited possible into one and close from alternative Does question "why" has meaningful value? Wood piece Insects & sacred and sublime Politics of aesthetic

9. Position?

9.1. self?

9.1.1. How am I structured and constructed? What am I doing? Contextual Conversation with parents about birth of myself urine piece Internal Primary school engagement Sketchbook1 (projection) Self as site Setting self up Letting self go

9.2. Art?

9.2.1. As practitioner who makes work, not necessarily artwork, but certainly in relation to art anyway, I need to think about art what is art? is the reason why I think of this is because I want some sort of meaning, or reason, excuse, or some kind of persuation to other? Why do I need to think of "what art is" why matter? Some factors seems to decide what art is - individuals, society, art world, time or you even step behind from every disciplines and absorb capabilities of each disciplines and create your own without acknowledging any concept of art, science, whatever.

9.3. Artist?

9.3.1. How artist work and what they do, how they get motivated to work as artist Glass-spit photo? object? How to make note readable? would you give additional info? Archive of description of my practice? Being sportsman and crafter or capitalist business? Tutorial piece Tutorial 2 and its relatiionship with 1? Mimicking and injecting student into authoritative system thus challenging hierarchy Studio investigation improvisatory improvisatory in found situation? making 1 everyday? transforming life into art? Day sublime All that small stupid ideas are worth? everyday exhibition? Blueroom workshop Top documentation needs to deleted Texts - it was our show, Private View

9.3.2. Position of artist in society Position within economic structure I wouldn't buy my work more than 27 pounds (black hole of info) New position of artist Criticism piece Founding new discipline Creative environment Curatorial practice Studio desk Saatchi funding Visual research Is it right to situate artist within society as sub-system? Position as mediated through art institution: whitecube Untitled (flashlight) Division between art world and society replacement idea of Public? What is function of art? What should it do? Tate britain exhibition archive MVRDV Cube piece

9.4. Human context?

9.4.1. What does the fact that I'm looking at a lot more in human world than natural world means?

9.4.2. Is there really such thing as human dignity?

9.4.3. Global context

9.4.4. What all disciplines in trying?

9.4.5. Professionalisation gives us fragmented marginal view Multiplug Question is who. and how will you document the outcome?

9.5. history?

9.5.1. Very strong Scepticism on any idea of cumulation or progress. disruption in history needed Black hole of info Examples When you set goals in your life, you achieve things through step by step, and does that archive of your achievement and your memory of your life brings "real" progression to your life at this very moment?

9.5.2. Aristotle's idea of "unmoved mover"

9.6. Culture?

9.6.1. Position of spectacle and beauty? It seems it works as persuation, like in adverts and national images - they use beauty to encourage people.

9.6.2. Culture produced from cigarrett box images - subculture

9.6.3. Pop pop might be something really paving new way

9.6.4. culture is something that makes distinction. something that makes you judge the situation. or something. more examination needed.

9.7. Structure I'm in?

9.7.1. What does it ask of me? To be productive It asks to bring something interesting (no matter their philosophy, still there is) To be independent, self-directed Somehow to work in art context

9.8. Structure I'm not in?

9.8.1. Sports