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Grammar by Mind Map: Grammar

1. Nouns-a word that names a person, place,thing, or idea.

1.1. common

1.2. proper

1.3. abstract

1.3.1. concrete

1.4. collective

2. Verbs-a word or phrases that expresses action or a state of being

2.1. Action verbs

2.1.1. transitive verbs

2.1.2. intransitive verbs

2.2. Linking verbs

2.3. Active voice

2.4. Passive voice

3. Adverb-supports verb,adverb, and adjective

4. Prepositions

4.1. against,at,for,in,to,on,by

4.2. Prepositional Phrases-begins with prepositions.Functions as adverb or adjectives

5. subject

5.1. simple subject

5.2. complete subject

5.3. compound subject

6. Predicate

6.1. simple predicate

6.2. complex predicate

6.3. compound predicate

7. object complements-completes the meaning of a direct object

8. Subject complements-identifies or describes a subject

8.1. predicate nominative-noun that gives information about the subject

8.2. Predicate adjective-adjective that gives information about subjects

9. Tenses

9.1. Present tense

9.1.1. Present perfect tense

9.1.2. present progressive

9.1.3. present emphatic

9.2. Past tense

9.2.1. past perfect tense

9.2.2. past progressive

9.2.3. past emphatic

9.3. future tense

9.3.1. future perfect tense

9.3.2. future perfect progressive

9.3.3. future emphatic

10. Gerunds

10.1. verbal that ends with ~ing. Used as noun

10.2. Gerund phrases-includes a gerund and any complemets needed to complete its meaning

11. Participle

11.1. ends with -ed or -ing. verb forms that function as nouns, adjectives, or adverbs

11.2. Participla phrases-cantain a participle and any modifiers needed to complete its meanings

12. Adjective-a word that modifies a noun or pronoun

13. Infinitive

13.1. starts with to~. functions as a noun, adjective, or adverb

13.2. Infinitive phrase-contains infinitive and any complements

14. Appositive

14.1. a noun that further identifies another noun or pronoun.

14.2. Appositive phrase-contains appositive and any complements

15. Conjunction

15.1. subordinating: join phrases of equal weight

15.2. Correlative

15.2.1. conjunctive adverb

15.3. Coordinating

16. Pronouns- used to avoid wordy repetition and increase flow

16.1. 1st, 2nd ,3rd person

16.2. Which used to refer back