French Revolution

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French Revolution by Mind Map: French Revolution

1. Invention of the Guillotine- this contraption was invented in 1792. The increasing popularity of the guillotine meant a more efficient method of decapitation. Many were installed and were frequently used. It was used on such famous people as: Loius XVI, Marie Antoinette and Robespierre.

2. Storming of the Bastille

2.1. When the king disregarded the seriousness of the National Assembly, they plotted to forge an attack on the Bastille, and on July 14, 1789, they attacked and released prisoners and collected weapons.

3. The National Assembly

3.1. Louis XVI did not want a written constitution because it limited his power.

3.2. The Three Estates broke down their barriers and created one united National Assembly in June 1789

4. Troubled Economy- France was in a major economic depression from 1787-1789. This resulted in a loss employment to alot of people and also crops were highly damaged. The government system was very awkward.

5. Declaration Of Rights Of Man

5.1. Freedom to Religion

5.2. Freedom of Speech

5.3. Freedom of press

6. The Beginning of Nationalism in France

6.1. Political parties emerged

7. The Three Estates

7.1. The First Estate was religious, had 100,000 members. In the First Estate there were also classes like the Upper Clergy that would be Bishops and Abbots.

7.2. The Second Estate had the nobility people in it. With this there was around 400,000 people. They were the rich and had nice houses and clothes.

7.3. The Third Estate had around 25,000,000 people. Includes the richest men in France that were bankers and Financers.

8. The Tennis Court Oath

8.1. Never to separate until a constitution was granted

9. Aboliton of the Feudal System

9.1. In 1789, the National Assembly got rid of the Estates-General, which granted them legislative power in France.

10. Napoleon

10.1. Napoleon Bonaparte Leads a successful coup against the French Republic and becomes Leader of France in 1799

10.1.1. Napoleon was approached to organize a coup against the government of France

10.1.2. Napoleon had more ambitious plans. He manipulated the situation and was elected First counsul, the new leader of France

10.2. Napoleon Is Declared Emperor of France in 1804

10.2.1. Napoleons success in reforming France and expanding French influence throughout the country made him very popular with the people.

10.2.2. He crowned himself Emporer of France.

10.2.3. France was reinvented as an empire, and Napoleon Bonaparte was crowned Frances first Emperor in 1804

10.3. Napleon Builds his Empire from 1804-1814

10.3.1. Napoleon expanded French control and influence well beyond the countrys borders.

10.3.2. As part of the strategies to expand his empire , he placed his brothers on the thrones of Spain and the Kingdom of Italy.

10.3.3. He created the Napoleonic Code which became the basis for the legal systems of many European countries

10.4. Napoleons Empire at War and the Continental System

10.4.1. Napoleon expanded his empire by claiming territories on behalf of France

10.4.2. Naploeon had economic dispuits with Britain.

10.4.3. In response to Britains funding of military efforts against his empire, Napoleon created the Continental System, an embargo prohibiting his allies and territories within his empire from trading with Britain.

10.5. The Hundred Days and the Battle of Waterloo

10.5.1. June 1815- Napoleon was exiled to Elba, during which time Louis XVIII regained his title as monarch of France. Eventually, Napoleon returned and once again became ruler of France for a period of time known as "The Hundred Days". He was again defeated and exiled to St. Helena, where he died six years later.

11. The March on Versailles

11.1. In October 1789, many people marched to Versailles to protest the expensive bread. During the march, the protesters discovered the royal family's plans to ditch France but the protesters forced them to stay.