Severn Suzuki 1992 speech at the Earth Summit

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Severn Suzuki 1992 speech at the Earth Summit by Mind Map: Severn Suzuki 1992 speech at the Earth Summit

1. gave a speech to the Plenary Session in Rio Centro

2. Speaks on Behalf of ECO

3. Speaks for her Future and animals.

4. Persuasive and confident speaking. Logic, emotion, logical argumentation, credibility, rhetorical question.

5. Enphasizes that she is child yet she is more concerned about the environment than adults.

6. Guilt Tripping the audience by Telling them the things they tell the children, yet they do it themselves. She makes them feel ashamed using the fact that she is only 12 to convince people that even children notice that the earth is polluted.

7. Rhetorical question: Why are you doing the things you told us not to do. Are we even on your list of priorities?

8. Key message: Do not pollute the earth anymore.

9. Logical Argumentation. She prepared a lot of information and uses them wisely to provoke emotion in the audience. She also uses first hand experience such as the fish in the lake, to convince people that the earth is dying.