The Supernatural in Equestria

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The Supernatural in Equestria by Mind Map: The Supernatural in Equestria

1. Royal Adoration

1.1. Solar Aspect

1.1.1. Summer, Spring Holy consecration Magic? Healing Rejuvenation

1.1.2. Light, fire, sunlight, superman Divine wrath? Exorcism?

1.1.3. Tears away at Illusions and shows the truth of the matter

1.2. Lunar Aspect

1.2.1. Winter, Autumn Necromancy?

1.2.2. Stars, Dreams, constallations, illusions, moonlight, starlight, Batman Master of Illusions and hiding the truth evasive Divination?

1.3. Love Aspect

1.3.1. Storge: Familial, Philia: Friendship, Eros: Sexual Agape: Divine Storge; Clan type connection between members when fighting together grant bonuses, Philia; Working with others and when in danger grant even stronger bonds and abilties, Eros; >>>? Agape; Unique type of magic only hed between waifu and husbando allowing for rare cases of great feats to be accomplished

1.4. Magic Aspect?

1.4.1. Don't know if combination of all three since friendship = magic and friendship = love. Or if should be more knowledge based? Fuck I don't know. Twilight fuck you.

2. Magic

2.1. Different Colleges that are determined by spells effect most common; Fire, Earth, Water, Air, Night, Day?

2.1.1. Night: Shadow, illusions most commonly associated with Luna

2.1.2. Day: Holy brute force magic with simple purposes associated with Celestia

2.1.3. Elemental: Magic dealing with the forces of nature, mostly the four classical elements.

2.2. Spellcraft (Active Magic)

2.2.1. Earth Magic (Hoof Focus)

2.2.2. Pegasus Magic (Wing Focus)

2.2.3. Unicorn Magic (Horn-based) Primarily Expertise in Arcane type magic which would technically be Metamagic, magic itsef, so things like increasing the duration, the area affected, how much it costs to use etc etc etc would be unicorn magic? Horn-spells for instantaneous effects, centered on or focused by the caster. Requires a skillful (unicorn) caster to perform. Think starting a fire, making a light, healing a wound. Source of the magic is the caster.

2.2.4. Mind Magic

2.3. Could it be possible to just have random spurts of magic that affects areas of the world at random like a burp of magic ?

2.4. Perhaps non-horn-based magics share a root? Some form of ancient primordial magic.

2.4.1. Zebra Occultism Vodoun Type Focuses on communication with the spirits? Pacific-Islander Type Sympathetic magic: Use of symbols and symbolic acts to influence the world around you. Accessible to Earth ponies. Similar enough to zebras for it to be theoretically possible.

2.4.2. Ancient magic. Ritualized Sympathetic magic, combined with chants and song to aid in setting an atmosphere for rituals. Split along method lines into Ceremonial, Incantational, and the Zebra Magics. Sypathetic: The symbols are most important, as they allow the spell to be targeted, and describe the desired effect more precisely. Ceremonial: Magic is a science. There are procedures to follow, dictated by the laws of nature. Incantational: The chants and songs are the primary conduit of power. The songs please the spirits (or whatever), who lend power to the caster.