Analysis of theme essay

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Analysis of theme essay by Mind Map: Analysis of theme essay

1. Introduction

1.1. Hook

1.2. Author, title, subject of book

1.2.1. subject is what the main character/s experience/s

1.2.2. background information about the plot and characters

1.3. Thesis statement

1.3.1. Theme/s expresses a lesson or an insight about life clues in title author's statement about life life lesson that emerges in the novel significant symbols and how they relate to the main characters' actions choose 1, 2 or 3, usually one is dominant may be directly stated by author or implied

1.3.2. Element of novel character setting place time action

1.4. Third person point of view

1.5. Does not contain opinions, thoughts or feelings of the writer

2. Body paragraphs x 3

2.1. chronological order or order of importance (least to most)

2.2. each paragraph needs a topic sentence

2.2.1. first part identifies the specific topic of the paragraph

2.2.2. second part identifies a particular feature about the topic

2.3. tie paragraphs together with effective transistions

2.3.1. time: after, as soon as, at the start, before, during, finally, in the end, later, soon, that night, then, when

2.3.2. cause-effect: as a result, because

2.3.3. contrast: however, though, unfortunately

2.4. each paragraph explores a stage in your explanation of the theme and how it is revealed in the novel

3. Conclusion

3.1. analyzes the theme

3.1.1. may use a carefully-chosen quotation from the story

3.1.2. may predict how the theme might affect characters in the future

3.1.3. may show how a character has changed because of the theme

3.2. state the theme as a basic truth about life