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Real Estate by Mind Map: Real Estate

1. Website Creation

1.1. Design

1.1.1. 3 revisions after initial design proposed

1.2. Ubertor setup

1.3. Ubertor custom work

1.3.1. ???

1.4. Analytics setup

1.5. Content

1.5.1. All listing information provided by client

1.5.2. Some body content created by client If there is no suitable content delivered, copywriting charges may be higher

1.5.3. 4-8 hours of copywriting and editing to make this into a coherent website

1.6. Imagery

1.6.1. All listing images to be provided by client

1.6.2. Headshot provided by client

1.6.3. New imagery to be created by Thirdi for design of site

2. Okanagan Real Estate Board Integration

2.1. Price?

3. Ongoing Marketing

3.1. Monthly reports

3.1.1. With suggested actions based on analytics data

3.2. Marketing Plan

3.2.1. Strategy document for how to best use readily available tools Email Marketing Twitter Facebook Real Estate forums Blogs MLS Search engines

3.3. A/B testing

3.3.1. Incrementally improve conversion rates and keep viewers stuck on your listing pages

4. Pricing

4.1. Initial Build

4.1.1. $5000

4.2. Monthly

4.2.1. $2100

4.2.2. Opt-out after 3 months