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Martin Luther King Jr. by Mind Map: Martin Luther King Jr.

1. He had won the noble peace prize,was the second african american to win the award.

2. He was a minister,also he graduated at nineteen.

3. Martin was born on january 15,1929.

3.1. He died in april 4,1954.

4. In 1954 he became a pastor at Dexter Avenue Baptist Church.

5. Martin was born in Alanta,Georgia.

6. Martin graduated at Morehouse College

7. He lead the black boycot of segragated city bus lines.

8. This man wanted everyone to be treated the same(equally).

9. Martins real names is michael luther king jr.

10. In 1956 gained a mayjor victory and prestage a civil rights leader.

11. He made a speech and he said that he wanted everybody to be looked at and treated the same because everybody is a hyman it dont matter about the race or anything.